Botanical Selection and the Gin-making Process

The authentic London Dry Gin produced VONES Gin is the fruit of our master distiller’s research, knowledge and great experience.

To attain the best gin in the world, high-quality raw materials are needed. This intrinsic quality of all Vones botanicals, together with the use of wholly artisanal methods and vintage stills, enable us to create a unique gin. VONES Gin undergoes a total of five distillations, which confer not only outstanding smoothness, but also bring about the perfect combination of the flavors and aromas contributed by its eleven botanicals: juniper, coriander, angelica, lemon peel, orange peel, licorice, cassia bark, cinnamon, nutmeg, orris root and chestnut.

As a genuine London Dry Gin VONES Gin is made from the finest English wheat spirit.

VONES Gin goes through 5 distillations. After each distillation, we select the middle run from the heart of the still, discarding the foreshots, or “heads”, (high alcohol content) and the feints, or “tails”, (impurities), leaving us with the purest spirit.

The botanicals are macerated in this spirit in selected groups for different amounts of time until giving this authentic London Dry Gin its fresh, updated taste. Extremely pure water is added to the final spirit to bring it down to 40% ABV.

This distilling technique accords VONES Gin a uniquely smooth, fresh mouthfeel.

Tasting note

Modern-cut Gin; Dry but refreshing. Sweet and acidulated aromas with an unctuous body that has fruitful flavour and aftertaste slightly bitter, without getting to astringent.

Great to mix with micro-bubble carbonic tonics. Its freshness in mouth reminds to the whipped seas of the north of Spain.

VONES Gin Botanicals

Info botanicals
JuniperCorianderAngelicaLemonChestnutCassia barkLicoriceCinnamonOrangeOrris rootNutmeg


Cone seeds of the juniper shrub, juniper berries are green-gray in color, becoming almost black when ripe. This spice has a pleasant smell and taste, combining perfectly to lend fragrance and a refreshing flavor.


Green in color, coriander has a unique taste. The coriander seeds used in preparing cocktails add sweetness with a hint of citrus, creating bitter notes with a woody, orange taste in the finish.


Tasting somewhat bittersweet, angelica root has many digestive properties. In addition, this botanical gives Vones Gin a slightly floral overtone.


Lemon is one of the basic ingredients in making a gin. While either the juice or the peel can be used, at Vones Gin we prefer the peel. Lemon contributes hints of citrus, with bittersweet notes on the palate.


Chestnut is the differentiating element that distinguishes Vones Gin from other gins. This nut creates a dry, sweet taste on the palate, lending exceptionally unusual, innovative properties to our premium gin. Chestnut binds together all the different nuances that the rest of the botanicals bring to Vones Gin.

Cassia bark

Also known as Chinese cinnamon, cassia is a botanical taken from the bark and root of a tree native to India, Vietnam and China. Its flavor properties are based on sweetness, which contrasts with spicy notes.


With a predominantly sweet taste and aroma, licorice balances out the more extreme nuances of our gin. On the palate, licorice imparts a taste with distinctly bitter tones, reminiscent of pepper and pine.


Cinnamon is a botanical that is easily distinguished due to its aromatic qualities. It is recognized by its bitter, earthy mouthfeel which evokes other spices such as clove or nutmeg.


Orange brings the sweet, fruity, citrus touch to our London dry Gin. This fruit’s dried peel contributes to attaining a sweet taste. Combining it with more bitter aromas brings out the enjoyable zesty flavor of the orange on the palate.

Orris root

Orris root is a botanical that contributes herbal and floral aromas to a premium gin like Vones Gin. This root lends a subtle tartness that binds and enhances the flavors of the other ingredients.


With its citrus, sweet and spicy overtones, nutmeg is one of the spices boasting the greatest array of aromatic possibilities. This botanical is distinguished by its special flavor with a strong piquant touch.

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